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RISTRETTO This mix is dedicated to all lovers of Italian coffee. Strong aroma, good body and a lingering after taste are guaranteed by the process of slow roasting and separate the grains. Notes of bitter chocolate. INTENSO A rich and balanced coffee at same time. Perfect mix between strength and finesse. This blend is composed by Robusta, with its roasted notes, and Arabica from Central America, perfectly roasted. The result is an ‘INTENSE’ coffee for Italian espresso’s lovers. CLASSICO The mixture with the more gentle and delicate taste, a creamy coffee, soft and fruity with an aftertaste that is delicate and persistent. FORTE Substantial and vigorous blend, strong and penetrating aroma for the true conneisseurs. O’VESUVIO O’ Vesuvio, a blend that, thanks to its aroma brings us back to cafes in the center of Naples…Bow and honor to the true Neapolitan coffee, its tasty cream combined with full-flavored mixture ensures a kind of coffee with a special taste. SETA Finest 100% arabica blend; soft and velvety. High-quality coffee from Central and South America are mixed to give a bouquet characterized by almond notes. ECCELSO An elegant and seductive coffee but at the same time with a robust taste. This blend of 100% robusta is expressed in cup with strong aroma and a creamy tasty. CORPOSO It’s a kind of coffee with a strong and persistent taste. Its definite aroma mixed a ‘delicious’ cream and an intense coffee flavor. CARIOCA Notes ‘scented’ samba echo in this blend of 100% brasiliana.Un’elevata body and creaminess provide a nice balance on the palate and the nose is intoxicated by notes reminiscent of cocoa … Para attempt! LUNGO This 100% Arabica blend is ideal for those who love to get a result in the cup long and consistent. Hints of dried fruit and cereals delicate emerge in this new flavor to be discovered.


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