Boston Harbour Black Tea (25 Tea Bags)


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On December 16, 1773 a group of Colonial patriots disguised as Indians boarded three English ships in Boston Harbour and threw the tea onboard into the water, in protest against the duty imposed on tea by the Government of King George III. Three months later, on March 7, 1774, at a second Boston Tea Party, 16 chests of fine tea from Davison Newman & Co, were also dumped in the Harbour in defiance of British policies. These acts become the prelude to the American War of Independence. Boston Harbour Tea was born! Davison Newman & Co Ltd of London is the firm which supplied tea for the Historic Boston Tea Parties and is still in operation today. Packed 25 tea bags per box, superior black teas from Darjeeling, India and Ceylon. When brewed, this ‘tea with a history’ has a sweet aroma and a brisk flavor that is sure to please!


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