Don Tomas Coffee Medium Roast Whole Bean, 1 Pound


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Flavor:Medium Roast Whole Bean Great Coffee from Seed to Cup. High in the cloud forests of Jinotega, Nicaragua, some 4500 feet high, the farms of Don Tomas are passionate about producing the perfect coffee. Great coffee does not come by chance, but is developed with purpose and pride. With attention to cultivation details, we nurture our coffee cherries under a canopy of abundant shade trees to achieve optimal flavors and sweetness. Then we hand harvest and process selectively only the ripened red cherries to preserve every bit of the coffee’s natural fruitiness and brightness. The top one percent of our coffee beans are then small batch roasted to deliver an unforgettable drinking experience. A true seed-to-cup coffee, which makes the coffee of Don Tomas truly unique. Coffee Stewardship that Makes a Difference! The family farms of Don Tomas Coffee practice socially responsible farming and commitment to our environment and community. Revenues from Don Tomas Coffee directly support housing, medical clinics, chapels and the K-12, Flor de Mar?a Vocational School that serve a thriving community of families that live and work together on Don Tomas farms. A Caffeine Contradiction. The darker the roast, the less caffeine because dark roasting burns away the caffeine. Immersion drip coffee has more caffeine than espresso coffee. It’s all about caffeine solubility and length of the extraction time! So if you want more caffeine, go light roast, brew with less water, slowly drip and immerse it! If you like less caffeine, go darker and brew with more water!


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