Elderberry Tea – Organic Herbs – 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags


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A Tea for Any Occasion Treat yourself to something new, a succulent tea made from fresh elderberries. This rare brew of tea goes perfectly with a hearty breakfast, or can create a memorable tea moment all on its own. Elderberries are harvested from the elder tree, famous for the sweet aroma of its white flowers. These trees are commonly found in temperate regions of North America, Asia and Europe, and European folklore regarded elder trees as a sign of good fortune, protectors of houses they grew close to. Their berries are equally well regarded, for while they are too bitter to eat raw, the berries unlock their natural sugars when cooked, creating a pleasant taste that made them a favored ingredient in jam, pastries and wine. This is also the secret behind the tantalizing taste of elderberry tea. You can enjoy elderberry tea hot or iced with some sugar and lemon. This herbal tea has been responsibly packaged in bleach-free tea bags that are sealed in an air-tight bag to preserve their freshness. Buddha Teas uses no glue, staples, preservatives, or additives in any teas. All ingredients are fresh, organic, and maintained in a pure natural state so that you can enjoy the true taste of elderberry.


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