EZE Homegoods Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker Travel Bottle (Grey) – 28 oz = 829 ML.


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Product Description

Color:Gray The cold-brew process is known for delivering smooth, low-acid coffee. Since the grounds never come in contact with hot water, the result is a less acidic, less bitter flavor. Steeping the grounds in cold water releases only the most aromatic flavors and the concentrate created from the cold-brew process stays fresh longer than regular coffee. Our Cold Brew Coffee Maker simplifies the cold-brew process for you in to the following steps: Place your favorite ground beans in to the filter and put cap on Fill bottle with water and place filter in bottle Give bottle a gentle shake to ensure water reaches all grinds Place bottle in refrigerator overnight or at least 8 hours then enjoy – the longer the grinds stay in contact with the water the stronger the flavor There is no need to purchase an entire expensive cold brew system that simply agitates the water to make sure it comes in to contact with all the grinds. Our cold brew coffee maker is the only cold brew system available that you can brew at home, grab in the morning and take with you to go to work or out for your day! We can’t wait for you to begin enjoying cold brew coffee as much as we do! TO BEGIN ENJOYING THE BEST COLD BREW COFFEE SIMPLY CLICK ADD TO CART AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS SCREEN


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