Finest Hand Picked Gyokuro Ureshinocha Japanese Green Tea 100g (3.52oz)


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Size:3.5oz / 100g モUreshinochaヤ translates from the Japanese as モtea of joy,ヤ and Gyokuro Ureshinocha is most certainly guaranteed to promote happiness and a definite sense of wellbeing in its drinker. Specially produced in small quantities in the Saga prefecture on the island of Kyushu, which touches both the Sea of Japan and the Ariake sea, the growing conditions, environment and traditional production methods of the region ensure that Gyokuro Ureshinocha offers a unique green tea taste of a premium quality. Delicate flavour (amino acid) and fresh aroma. Gyokuro, known as the finest grade of Japanese green tea, differs from ordinary tea in terms of taste, flavor, and infusion methods. It is recommended for people who are already enjoying Japanese green tea and wish to experience the exquisite taste of the finest tea. As with all Gyokuru green teas, Gyokuro Ureshinocha is produced from the first harvest of the youngest leaves, to ensure a tea that is unmatched in its vitamin, mineral and antioxidant qualities.


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