FLAVIA ALTERRA COFFEE, Sumatra Dark Roast, 20-Count Freshpacks (Pack of 1)


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Product Description

Sumatran coffees are very popular with coffee enthusiasts. The woodsy and herbaceous flavor profile is extremely unique, making this a coffee that stands out amongst its peers. Our 100% Sumatran beans are dark roasted to give a heavy bodied, complex cup with a bold finish.Here are some great drink ideas that you can make with the ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS Sumatra coffee:Premium DOVEï¾® Mocha (Add DOVEï¾® Hot Chocolate to make your mocha)A delicious Sumatra Cappuccino (Add Cappuccino/Latte Swirl to make your cappuccino)A creamy caramel Milky Wayï¾® Swirl Latte (Add Milky Wayï¾® Swirl to make your latte)Or mix Sumatra with any ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS coffee you choose


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