GoldToneル Reusable Basket Coffee Filter, Fits BUNNᆴ* Commercial Coffee Makers (1)


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Product Description

Golden mesh baskets work in drip coffee maker, electric coffee maker, or manual coffee maker. Permanent filters for your coffee maker are warranted for 5 years. Coffee maker filter just needs to rinse clean. Fits commercial Size coffee makers. A Better Cup of Coffee Reusable stainless-steel, golden micro-mesh filter optimizes brewing infusion to enhance coffee flavor GoldToneTM filter retains the coffee bean oils for flavor enhancement Sized to fit all basket style coffeemakers; no over flow or mess Precision crafted in the USA using surgical grade stainless steel woven mesh Offers peace of mind; by protecting the environment; keeps more than 200 million paper coffee filters out of landfill sites each day Environmentally Friendly 136 million households brew 1.2 pots of coffee a day or 163 million pots daily 35 million businesses brew 2.6 pots of coffee a day or 91 million pots daily The coffee brewed yields over 200,000,000 paper coffee filters sent to US landfills each day (30 Acres of Forest) Filter Dimensions: Height: 2.65 in Rim Diameter: 5.75 in Base Diameter: 4 in *BUNN is a registered trademark of Bunn-o-Matic Corporation. Neither Discount Scrubs or GoldToneTM Products has any affiliation with Bunn-o-Matic Corporation


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