Goodwei Premium Matcha Tea Set ‘Kuro’ – Ceremonial Bowl Chawan, Whisk and Holder – Gift Box (80 – white bamboo)


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Product Description

Size:80 – white bamboo The centerpiece of our matcha tea ceremony set ‘Kuro’ (jap. ‘Black’) is the elegant, classic-style ceremonial bowl. Handcrafted in a deliberately irregular, wavy shape representing the hilly countryside of Japan. It’s thick, glossy glazing with its deep black color sets a nice contrast to the vivid, bright green color of the prepared Matcha. The bottom of the bowl is unglazed, adding to the earthy aesthetic style of this Chawan. Each bowl is unique as there are slight variations in color hue and dripping structure. Slight differences in the temperature of the burning causes crystallization effects in the turquoise glazing. Due to its relatively large diameter of 12 cm and a height of 8 cm the bowl provides ample space to whip the Matcha using the traditional bamboo whisk. br> The included Matcha Whisk and Bamboo Scoop are essential accessories for preparing matcha tea and whipping it to achieve a solid, fine frothing. After use, rinse the bamboo whisk with lukewarm water and place it with the bristles facing down on the included whisk holder (jap. ‘Chasentate’). The special shape of the holder ensures that the bristles retain their shape and allow the Whisk to dry faster and better, improving its lifetime.


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