Highwind 2 Premium Stainless Steel Mesh Washable and Reusable AeroPress Coffee Filters


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Product Description

Size:2 Premium Steel Mesh Filters The Highwind Filter is the most popular reusable filter for AeroPress coffee makers. It’s protected by Coldstar Enterprises unique UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: you can return or exchange your Highwind Filter ANY time, for ANY reason – no matter what. ? The is the only reusable filter for AeroPress guaranteed not to bend or warp during normal use, so it’s sturdy enough to permanently replace your paper filters. The Highwind Filter is also the finest reusable coffee filter in the world: it has holes just 41 microns across, the Highwind Filter traps grit other reusable filters can’t catch. ? The Highwind Filter’s mesh keeps grit OUT while keeping flavor IN: it’s an uber fine design that traps virtually all grit while brewing coffee that tastes especially rich and smooth taste. ? Cleanup is easy: grit washes off the Highwind Filter’s mesh in seconds (it’s dishwasher safe too). The 316 stainless steel, a special grade of steel that’s extremely resistant to corrosion. Quality materials mean the Highwind Filter can be slim enough to fit perfectly (.015′ or about the thickness of paper) and still incredibly strong: it’s the only reusable filter guaranteed not to break – even years from now. We inspect every Highwind Aeropress Filter by hand in Michigan, in our food grade inspection facility. ? The Highwind Filter provides the most smooth and rich taste you’ll find. ? We believe in our product so much, we’re going to give you TWO for the price of one! Try the Highwind Filter today and you’ll taste the difference – guaranteed.


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