Hops Tea – Organic Herbs – 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags


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A Rare Herbal Tea Most often, when people hear the word hops, they are instantly reminded of beer. While these unique plants are most frequently used to flavor and extend the shelf life of alcoholic beverages, they actually have many more uses, especially going far back in their history. The name hops specifically refers to the large green cones identified as the female flowers of the hop plant. Long before it was discovered that their bitter, tangy flavor was well suited to beer, hops were used to make dyes, paper and rope. Today, they are also used in soft drinks in Europe, and to make this fine herbal tea. Buddha Teas is proud to offer hops tea made from the best quality organic hops, untouched by any kind of additives, flavoring or artificial ingredients. Each of our teas is prepared in bleach-free tea bags, free of chemicals, staples and glue. This eliminates the risk of unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals that could contaminate your tea, leaving you with a great, natural herbal tea – nothing more, nothing less.


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