Jaipur Avenue Chai Tea Mix Saffron


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Since ancient times, chai has been a daily tradition shared with friends and family all over India. Served any time of the day, this freshly brewed blend of black tea, milk, and exotic spices is the perfect beverage to soothe your soul and refresh your mind.The faraway Indian city of Jaipur, famous for its royal palaces, colorful culture and romantic charm, epitomizes the ancient chai tradition at its best. Jaipur Avenue is your instant passage to this magical land through an enthralling chai experience you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.Jaipur Avenue Chai Tea Mix consists of premium black tea, dry milk powder, a delicate blend of exotic spices, and minimal amount of sugar. Just add hot water for a cup of heartwarming chai, or chilled milk and ice for a cool, refreshing summer drink.


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