LINKYO French Coffee Press – Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 34oz, 1L


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Product Description

Taste the difference of French Press Coffee with the LINKYO French Press Coffee MakerWhat’s all the fuss about French press coffee?A French press allows extraction of coffee directly from fully immersed coffee grounds.The result is a cup of coffee that has zero contact with paper filters or plastic outlets for a fuller, richer taste.  The LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker is made to last with high grade 18/10, 304 stainless steel. The double-wall construction keeps your coffee warmer than glass carafe presses and the best part is…they will not shatter! The multi-screen filter system effectively prevents tiny coffee grounds from leaking through when pressing. The metal filters are reusable, saving you money from disposable paper filters and allowing you to brew delicious coffee over and over again! 4 Easy Steps!Please check the included manual or product video for details on optimal ground size, water temperature, and brewing time.When cleaning, dump the coffee beans into a mesh strainer over the sink to easily dispose the beans in the trash or compost bin.Unscrew the bottom plunger piece and wash all parts by hand or in the dishwasher.


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