Mega Cocina Refillable K-cup Pods, Red/Black


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Product Description

Tired of buying expensive disposable K-cups you are just going to throw away? No more! Mega Cocina Refillable K-cup pods give you the freedom to brew whatever you want, whenever you want. Pop open the lid, fill with just the right amount of you favorite coffee, close the lid, put it in your brewer, and press brew, it’s that easy! It’s like making your own, personalized k-cups! Save money, space, and the environment by using refillable pods rather than expensive, bulky, and wasteful disposable plastic cups. Mega Cocina Refillable K-cup pods BPA free and eco friendly! Refillable pods will pay for themselves in just a couple of weeks compared to disposable pods. Stainless steel ultra mesh/micromesh reduces sediment and is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.


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