[Nokchawon] 100% Organic Oriental TEA selections from Korea Schizandra fruit tea 20T


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Schizandra berry tea is particularly well known for its ability to provide radiant, glowing youthful appearance to the outer surface of the skin. It was specifically used in China by women of the imperial court to enhance and preserve a youthful appearance.Schizandra berry tea is known to help improve night vision and also enhance the range of vision in ritual tea drinkers. Many of the tonic effects to the skin and eyesight are a result of the liver cleansing qualities that schizandra possesses.One of the most major renowned side effects of drinking schizandra berry tea on a regular basis is its positive effects on the sexual glands and fluids. It is essentially a ‘superfood for the sex organs’ and has been considered one of the most powerful sexual tonics known by herbalists around the world. It is effective for both men and women at increasing circulation, lubrication, sensitivity as well as libido. Schizandra can also be used specifically by men to improve stamina and staying power.


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