Organic Dried HIBISCUS for Flavoring Kombucha (20-30 Servings)


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ORGANIC DRIED HIBISCUS FOR FLAVORING KOMBUCHA (20-30 Servings – 0.8oz by weight) – Certified Organic Hibiscus Flowers give Kombucha a fresh and fruity flavor. High in Vitamin C, Hibiscus flower tea (also known as Roselle or Jamaica) has been consumed since ancient times all over the world from Egypt, to the Caribbean to Thailand. It has been shown that regular consumption of Hibiscus Tea can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. This may also be drunk on its own as an herbal infusion – just add lemon or a drop of sweetener! ***RECIPE IDEA: Ginger, elderberries and rosehips are nice complementary flavors. ***FEATURES: Organic; High in Vitamin C; Been shown to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure; Flavors approximately 20-30 Bottles (16oz). This product ships via USPS.


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