Pour Over Coffee Dripper – Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Filter for the best Drip Coffee – Pour-over Coffee Maker by Easy Anywhere


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Make a delicious tasting cup of coffee like a world class Barista The pour over coffee method is the cleanest and purest way to make and drink coffee. This pour over dripper allows for all of the essential oils to pass through, but absolutely no grounds. Also, no paper or plastic taste. Think the ease and speed of a pour-over meets the boldness and strength of a french press. High Quality Stainless Steel for the perfect coffee – 100% No Grounds! This stainless steel filter has very fine laser-cut holes on outside and an even finer steel mesh on the inside and bottom. The stand has industrial welds to the Stainless Steel (not bolted or glued) and fits mugs of virtually any size. It distributes the weight evenly to keep from tipping the basket over. The cone is shaped perfectly to allow the coffee to drip down through the opening of the base. Bye, Bye Keurig! You will start using this pour over coffee maker more than a Keurig or any other pod brewer. Itメs just as fast as using K-Cups and way way cheaper for a better cup of coffee. It takes up no room at all, be cleaned and stored out of sight until you’re ready to make another great cup of coffee. Easy to Use Anywhere This is quite a handy gadget on the road. You can take this camping and hiking without worrying about much added weight or any fragility issues of glass. Also perfect at the office or hotels. You will never have to drink instant coffee again! Free Hard Copy Instructions When you receive the Easy Anywhere Pour Over Filter it will be delivered in a solid packing and it comes along with a free instruction manual, so you can start making the best cup of coffee right away! Makes a great Wedding, House warming, birthday or Christmas gift for ALL Coffee lovers Discover the hidden flavors in your coffee beans. Why wait? Simply scroll up & ORDER NOW to start brewing your perfect mug TODAY


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