Root Chakra Tea – Organic Herbs – 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags


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For those who might feel adrift in their life, taking the time to balance their root chakra may be the most important step you can take. Meditating on your root chakra can help you to feel grounded, find stability and feel a connection to the earth around you. What better way to root yourself than through a delicious herbal root tea? Our Root Chakra Tea is crafted from some of the finest herbs – and of course, roots – that nature has to offer. Dandelion root and astragalus root provide a firm foundation for this herbal blend, while raspberry leaf, hibiscus flower and cloves lend their exciting flavors to create a blend that is both strong and soothing, perfect for finding your inner foundation. The infusion of garnetメs essence even empowers these herbs with its protection, stability and order. Take a moment to find your roots as you enjoy the inviting taste of root chakra tea. Buddha Teas knows that the best way to feel your connection to the earth around you is through the power of nature. Every herb used in this tea is 100% organic, and is free of any additives or fillers. We also package our teas in bleach-free tea bags to remove the risk of harmful chemicals like dioxin. Discover your roots through the power of nature with a fresh cup of Root Chakra Tea!


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