Saw Palmetto Tea – Organic Herbs – 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags


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With a very limited growth range that barely extends beyond the borders of Florida, saw palmetto has surprisingly gained widespread acclaim in recent years. Saw palmetto is one of the worldメs shortest palms, barely reaching over five feet at its tallest, making it ideal for smaller landscaping projects. It makes up for its small size with a long lifespan, with some specimens believed to have lived more than 500 years. Saw palmetto earns its name from the rows of sharp, tiny teeth that grow between the leaf and the stem. The plant produces a dark, fleshy fruit, which has been used as a food source by Native Americans and some of the original settlers. The fruit is also used to craft this natural herbal tea. This herbal tea has been made using 100% organic saw palmetto and packaged in bleach free tea bags. Rest assured, you will be enjoying a tea that is free from any unnecessary additives, flavorings, or dangerous chemicals. Buddha Teas also uses eco-friendly boxes and pillow style tea bags that are free from any chemical glues or staples.


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