Tattle Tea Organic Co2 Decaf Green Tea, 1 Pound


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Product Description

Green tea and black tea come from the same plant, but the leaves are processed differently; black tea is fermented-changing the color and flavor and increasing the caffeine and tannin content-whereas green tea is only dried and sometimes steamed. Green tea is therefore high in antioxidants. This green Korakundah tea is grown in the Nilgiri region of India. It produces a bright green infusion with delicate vegetal notes in its aroma and has a slight citrus flavor. CO2 Decaf LogoAll of our decaffeinated teas are decaffeinated using the CO2 process developed in Germany as a natural alternative to the methylene chloride process that has become the industry standard. Using the CO2 method, we are able to maintain the unique flavors of tour premium teas. The smaller leaves are a normal result of this special decaffeination process.


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