Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea, 80 Count


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Product Description

Blended in the Yorkshire dales. Worth paying a little more for. Yorkshire gold is our very best blend. Like our Yorkshire team it has a lovely, rich taste with a distinctive briskness that makes it refreshing and reviving, but Yorkshire gold has even more flavor and character. We blend together teas from around twenty tea gardens are blended to give Yorkshire gold its perfect balance of strength, color, flavor and character. But finding the right teas we taste are right for Yorkshire gold because cultivating top quality teas takes extra time and care. By paying a little more we are encouraging the growers to make their best teas for us and our tea buyers spend part of the year visiting estates to build stronger and lasting partnerships with them. We also take the time and trouble to blend our tea so suit your water, whether it’s hard or soft. And we believe that our traditional square tea bags are thee best because they allow the full flavor of the tea to develop.


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