TEAki Hut Rich White Coconut Tea 2oz | Organic Loose Leaf | Superior Aroma and Flavor | Light Body | Smooth Creamy Finish


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Product Description

White tea is truly unique in that it must come from an exact region in China (the Fujian province) to be considered a true white tea. Just like Champagne, or a rare pearl, this exclusivity makes the overall experience of the beverage even more enjoyable. Our top reviewed tea is the best and hereメs why! We pack our teabags full of great ingredients like organic safflower and organic cornflower and then top it off with heavenly organic coconut to fill your cup with unimaginable flavors! This tea is perfect for any gift sampler. White tea is also known as raw tea due to its minimalistic cultivation. When it is ready, we simply pick, trim and dry the leaves. Unlike decaffeinated tea, our white tea will give you energy throughout the day with its medium caffeine content and sweet, creamy taste! Once you hear that kettle on the stovetop whistling, you wonメt be able to help yourself from drinking cup after cup. Our products are non GMO and totally organic and will have you feeling at the top of your game. Not only does it taste amazing. Its wonderful aroma will fill your home with a raw coconut essence that even the toddlers can enjoy. Is that a new perfume or air freshener? No, itメs organic white coconut tea! This is not a decaf tea, but it is light bodied and easy to drink. We go through great lengths to bring you the best tea in the world and when it comes to what goes in mugs on saucers, we know what works. Lifeメs too short to drink bad tea, so grab a bag of delicious TEAki Hut Tea and join the party!


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