White Horehound Tea – Organic Herbs – 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags


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White horehound has the same fuzzy, silver appearance to its leaves as sage, but this perennial herb belongs to the mint family. White horehound prefers rocky soil in temperate climates, and while it was once limited to Europe and Asia, it may now be found widespread across North America, Australia, and parts of Africa. Cultivation of white horehound dates back to ancient Rome, and was studied by many notable herbalists over the centuries. Modern use of white horehound includes distilling its essential oil, or drying out its leaves to be used in this herbal tea. White horehound tea is noted for bearing an earthy, notable flavor with a slight bitterness, sometimes compared to licorice or anise. Some enjoy the taste of this tea as is, while others like to mix honey or sugar for a sweeter taste, or else blend it with another herbal tea favorite, such as peppermint. Buddha Teas is proud to offer organic white horehound tea made without chemicals and prepared in bleach-free tea bags and eco-friendly boxes.


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