Wild Foods Organic Hibiscus Mint Wild Tea #3, 2 ounce


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Product Description

A Delicious and 100% caffeine-free Herbal Blend of premium Hibiscus leaves and spearmint.Just the right amount of mint makes this tea a refreshing and powerful herbal tea.NUMEROUS HEALTH BENEFITS! Wild Hibiscus Mint is Full of antioxidants: high concentrations of aspalathin and nothofagin that prevent free radical damage.Includes minerals: magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, Iron! Improves circulation via a potent antioxidant Chrysoeriol.Lower blood pressure and cholesterol while improving digestion and overall gut health via the high concentration of flavonoids–specifically one called quercetin.Use as a delicious base for smoothies and shakes.Instead of water, use Hibiscus Mint for the base liquid and you won’t believe how much better your protein shakes taste.While it’s definitly our favorite hot, this is always a great cold-fighting tea.Protect yourself this winter with the potent cold-fighting hibiscus and spearmint combo!ï¾ Try it with some turmeric, lemon and honey for a delicious, natural and homemade tonnic to strenghten your immune system.


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