Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, King Chai Organic Loose Tea, 16-Ounce Bag


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Product Description Our classic Masala Chai blend of traditional chai spices are perfectly balanced with rich, Assam black tea for a full bodied, satisfying brew. Zhena traveled the chai stalls all over India and found this blend to be the favored among the northern Indian Punjab region. Perfect with milk and sweetener, this spicy blend opens with a cinnamon sweetness and lingers with warming ginger on the palate. Enjoy and be transported to the great chai regions of India’s northern landscapes. From the Manufacturer As one of the early pioneers of the organic and Fair Trade movement and the founder of Zhena?s Gypsy Tea, Zhena Muzyka believed that by selling tins of tea she could become a purveyor of hope and a conduit for change. Zhena?s 2000 vision is now her mission, as she oversees an Award Winning company that doesn’t just market products, it markets meaning-over seventy varieties of teas with a commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and the well-being of others. Zhena?s Gypsy Tea is a community minded, pro-active company dedicated to building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships that create opportunities to alleviate poverty while delivering to the marketplace exquisite teas with unique, healthy attributes that please the palate and delight the senses. The company works directly with small growers and out of the way tea gardens and affects change by empowering workers through the paying of a pro-active premium which provides and supports fair wages and added benefits such as better housing, healthcare and a sustainable environment. In order to provide these benefits, Zhena?s premium is up to ten times more than conventional prices paid by many tea companies. The workers in Zhena?s gardens benefit from guaranteed health insurance, education, safe working conditions and no child labor. The company has been featured in national media including BRANDWEEK and INC Magazine for its fast growth and its first to market innovative products including, PINK tea for Women?s Health, BEYOND ORGANIC BIODYNAMIC TEA, TROPICAL TEA, and LUXE LEAVES tea for fine restaurants, premier hotels and resorts. Zhena?s Gypsy Tea is available internationally through fine gourmet food stores, select grocery, distinguished department stores, hotels, restaurants, coffee bars, caf?s and spas.


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