Zojirushi Premium Thermal 1.85 liter Carafe, Brushed Stainless Steel


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Product Description

Color:Black/Chrome Product Description The Premium Thermal Carafe features contemporary, yet classic styling along with an easy-touch quick serve button and large handle for safer and easier serving. The heat retention system maintains a temperature of 168F for 10 hours or 141F for 24 hours, plenty of time for service at parties or in the office. Generously sized at 64-oz. capacity.Dimensions: 12.7 IN x 9.3 IN x 5.9 IN Amazon.com Well-respected Zojirushi brand makes durable, reliable products. This thermal carafe is no exception, with a classic, simple design that keeps coffee and other hot beverages hot for hours. A button you press with your thumb while gripping the handle opens the carafe for serving, doing away with the need to partly unscrew the lid for pouring. An indicator on the lid tells you if the carafe is open and ready to serve, or closed. When open, the outer rim supports coffee filter holders for brewing coffee directly into the carafe. –Cynthia Nims


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